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ECOTEC SYNERGY GROUP (referred to as “ECOTEC SYNERGY”) is a Malaysia based group of companies in multiple construction field from manufacturing of Light gauge steel frames and trusses, to Industrialised Building Systems (IBS system) construction to renovation, pond system and also Landscaping. With the vision of “becoming the most competitive iron and steel enterprise and the most valuable group of companies in Malaysia and the world”, ECOTEC SYNERGY is committed to providing customers with value-for-money products and services, creating the greatest value for shareholders and society, and realizing cooperation with relevant stakeholders. common development. 

Starting as early as 2002, ECOTEC SYNERGY was established as Khazanah Flora Enterprise, a local contractor company specialising in Landscaping and Civil Works. By the end of 2013 the company was re-branding as Creative Wealth Resources with the core business of renovation and continuing the legacy of landscaping from the former entity. Ecotec Synergy Resources was born soon after focusing on MYKONTENA- a brand that delivers many shipping container architecture projects such as refurbishing of shipping containers, Modification of shipping containers into dwellings, offices, showrooms, shops, kiosk and many  more. Ecotec Synergy Resources also involved in steel cabin fabrications, servings many years and may clients all over Malaysia.   In the year 2016 Ecotec Synergy Industries PLT was incorporated with the main activity was house building using conventional method. The company then evolved into Industrialised Building Systems (IBS system) using modular blocks and IBS Panel Wall construction. By end of 2018 Ecotec Synergy Industries has aquired Light gauge steel frames technology and starting to explore the possibilities of this technology in Malaysia while maintaining both the conventional and IBS method concurrently. 

ECOTEC SYNERGY adheres to the development road of “synergizing eco-technology solutions”, and has Malaysia-renowned brand, AAA-class manufacturing level and service ability. ECOTEC SYNERGY pays attention to the cultivation of innovation ability, actively develops and applies advanced manufacturing and energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, and establishes a marketing and processing service network covering the whole country and perhaps to the world. 

Looking forward to the future, ECOTEC SYNERGY now marched into the new era with our own Light gauge steel frames and trusses factory in Sepang , Selangor Malaysia with business are now focusing on building affordable and luxury houses using this technology in order to combat the rising of house price in the country. Entering 2023, ECOTEC SYNERGY is on the way of incorporating a new company to cater developer segment, on which will transform the housing landscape of Malaysia into the new era of technology that will benefit the people and the country in future.




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