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Light Gauge Steel Frames System Construction


The Steel Frame Advantage

When it comes to structural quality and design efficiency, cold-formed steel  simply cannot be beat. This is why steel has become the preferred building material for the most durable homes and buildings around the world. For more than 150 years, steel has been at the forefront of the world construction market. Today, steel still remains one of the strongest, most durable and economically manufactured materials across Canada and the United States.Fluctuating wood prices, diminishing wood quality and continued tooling and engineering advancements are just a few of the reasons that builders, developers and homeowners are turning to lightweight steel framing.



Steel framing is meticulously constructed, with tolerances of less than 1/32. This degree of detail is unimaginable in traditional building methods. With less risk and fewer costs, precision steel framing enables for tighter connections and faster assembly.


Steel’s exceptional strength-to-weight ratio offers greater design versatility, while maintaining a superior fortitude against harsh external conditions, like hurricanes. Walls Up steel frames provide greater resilience against fire, water damage, and traditional wood-destroying organisms. Unlike wood, steel does not rot, warp, shrink, or decompose over time.


Steel is built for longevity. Its long-term durability ensures a long life-span with minimal required upkeep. This provides Ecotec homeowners with a longer-term return on investment and a greater sense of security for their homes.

Residential Home Construction

The next generation of home building has arrived.


Ecotec is leading the charge to solve Malaysia’s affordable housing crisis. Using our fully integrated, end-to-end system, Ecotec is able to radically reduce the construction costs for residential home construction – and share these savings with our customers by offering high-quality homes at an affordable price.


Ecotec homes are unlike any other. Our sustainable designs and “green” building materials ensure your home is built to a standard well above other homes in the market today. Ecotec homes offer leading efficiency by using up to 50% less electricity and water, and reducing material waste by up to 30%.


Lumber is treated with toxic chemicals in order to be mold and pest resistant. This is not only harmful to the environment, but also to people and animals. An advantage that steel has over wood is that it’s already mold and pest resistant, therefore no harmful chemicals are used in the process.Most homeowners are unaware of the magnitude of a home’s potential impact as a positive or negative effect on our everyday life. People invest in their personal future in a variety of ways, but few investments pay off as well as a healthy lifestyle supported by a healthy house and also a HEALTHY FINANCIAL LIFESTYLE.

By choosing to build with steel, we can help protect the environment for future generations. Steel is durable, reusable and 100% recyclable. As deforestation continues to threaten wildlife, choosing to frame with LGSF instead of wood can preserve our land and benefit our ecosystem.

To frame a typical 2,000 sq. ft. house with wood, 40-50 trees will need to be cut down. This results in approximately 40,000 sq. ft. of forest area destroyed. To frame the same house using LGSF, approximately six recycled scrap cars would be needed. That’s a powerful trade.

The Many Benefits of Steel Framing

Building with steel offers many benefits over traditional methods, including:

• Up to 25% faster assembly and delivery time than wood
• Up to 50% faster assembly and delivery time than concrete
• Steel is up to 30% lighter than wood
• Steel is up to 60% lighter than concrete
• Pre-punched service holes for utilities reduce sub-trades’ installation time
• Straight walls and square corners lead to fewer call-backs
• Steel is strong and durable, leading to higher overall quality
• Precision manufacturing leads to less scrap and waste
• Lighter materials & controlled operations enhance construction safety
• Steel can be 100% recycled
• Steel frames lead to a possible reduction in insurance costs due to its non-combustibility

We specializes in prefabricated cold-formed steel (LGSF) frames that support the rapid construction of residential housing, multi-residential units, commercial buildings and more. We also offer project coordination and supervision, as well as construction training programs specific to steel frame homes.

Our products are available throughout Malaysia, and all of our products and services are engineered to meet national standards


Limitless Design Possibilities

Our powerful design software streamlines the engineering process, ensuring buildings are rapidly built and easily duplicated. All designs can be presented in 3D, and virtually any element (walls, roof trusses, floor joists, etc.) can be designed into panel assemblies for quick and easy manufacturing on roll-forming machines. Whether you choose an existing design from our database or work with one of our in-house design experts, your options are truly limitless.


Intelligent Automation and Engineering

Our heavy duty, incredibly precise manufacturing machines are perfect for high-volume production of preassembled residential and commercial steel building solutions. We can produce rafters, trusses and complete wall panels, as well as steel framing for a wide variety of building designs.

Every piece is accurately formed, cut, punched, dimpled and individually labelled, ready for screw-together assembly. By integrating our advanced manufacturing equipment with our innovative design and detailing software, we have achieved a building system that is automated in the most intelligent way.

Frame, Roof, Floor & Truss Manufacturing

Designed with versatility in mind, our LGSF frames can be used in interior and exterior load bearing walls, floor joists, ceilings and roof trusses. Since every piece is engineered to spec, there is no measuring or cutting required to build walls, trusses or joists. Shipped ready for screw-together assembly, we can complete your project in a fraction of the time as wood or concrete frames.

LGSF framing offers one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any building product on the market, and walls and rafters can be installed using fewer resources than other methods.


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